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Woah. Where'd my baby go? What happened to my life?

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This is crazy, right?

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Wasn't this was supposed to get easier?

Thank you so much for this program. I can’t talk about it enough with my friends. It totally changed our lives..and this Sat we’ll be going on our first overnight stay as planned. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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About Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica Michaelson founded Honest Parenthood with a mission to help parents achieve greater satisfaction in their lives and learn to enjoy their children even more. Her approach helps parents rid themselves of guilt, shame and other harmful feelings so that they can be free to be the parent they want to be. Dr. Jessica’s clients receive wrap around support through one-on-one coaching sessions, research-based resources and daily online journal communications, to foster the confidence they need to address the real life challenges of the critical early years.